About Us
VISION Mission


To be known as leader in field of

  • Aluminium Alloy Manufacturing,
  • High Pressure and Gravity Die Casting,
  • Forging,
  • Machined and Painted Components and Sub Assemblies.


To Achieve and Maintain leadership by delighting customers with focus on

  • Product availability,
  • Reliability,
  • Cost and
  • Safety

Through technology and environment of transparency, fairness and participation towards betterment of society.

CMD Speaks

I had a passion for doing unfamiliar…I am a staunch supporter of quality. If the quality of your product is excellent, and prices are competitive, customers will have no hesitation in placing orders with our company. I am pleased to note that the well know multinationals have certified our operations and quality system followed by us and awarded their valuable orders.

Our team of Skilled, Dedicated and Sincere work force are motivated and well trained with expertise necessary to perform their work and delivery value to our customers and the company.

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